How to access an EARMA Online Event


Please note that you can only join the event if you are registered for it: The room will be accessible 10 minutes prior to the event's scheduled start time. It is recommended that you join at that time or arrive a few minutes before the official start time to ensure a timely start for the event.


1.      Go to the event via our website and make sure you are logged into your member or guest profile! 


2.      When in the correct event, please press the “See programme” button located on the right side. 


3.      Press the title of the session


4.      After you click on the session, you will see the option to “Join Zoom”. Press this button to join the event. This button will not appear before the session opens (it will become accessible only 10 min before the event starts)



The platform works best with Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox.  

IMPORTANT: The platform does not support Internet Explorer.  

I have followed the steps, and the event has started, but I cannot see the green button. This is because you may not have registered or you have registered with a different email address. Please contact